Leading a normal life again

I had a terrible car accident which left me in so much pain that I tried so many other avenues an doctors.  I was unable to work or even deal with my everyday activities.  I felt some relief in the good weather and almost got to the point as a professional that I thought if I were to ever remain practicing that I would be forced to move to a warmer climate. and start all over again.  After treating with Dr. Stewart, my pain has been reduced to the point where I can lead a normal life.

Pittsburgh, PA

My son has had to take no antibiotics

Before my son saw Dr. Stewart, my son had constant ear infections at only 2 years of age.  After seeing him his ear infections have all but disappeared and my son has had to take no antibiotics.  I am grateful for all that he has done for my son !

Pittsburgh, PA

Knowledgeable and caring

I can recommend Dr. Stewart as one of the most knowledgeable and caring physicians in the area.  He helped me so much with my female problems.  His dedication to the individual is neverending and I would feel confident in recommending anyone I knew to him.

Pittsburgh, PA

Total remission

I went through radiation, experimental drugs, surgery and nothing really helped until Dr Stewart's treatment with magnets and nutritional therapy. My cancer is totally remissed. My daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter are also pleased with what Dr. Stewart has done for them. I've told other doctors in my country about this treatment. They are very interested and want to learn more about it. I would recommend everyone to Dr. Stewart for any problem.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Opened my eyes

I first came to Dr. Stewart for natural care for my children and the results were exceptional !  He has helped me with my hepatitis and my husband's gallstones.  I continue to tell others.  This has opened my eyes as the best way to improve my family's health.

Corey, NC

Methods made the difference

You've done so much to help me with all my health problems. Your methods and personal care is what made the difference.

Pittsburgh, PA