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 Nutritional Counseling Healthy Living through Nutrition

"According to the Harvard School of Public Health there's good evidence that taking a daily multivitamin makes sense for most adults".

Dr. Stewart, a certified Nutritionist, learned early on that proper nutrition is vital to, not only your physical well being, but also to your mental and emotional health. Growing up on a dairy farm, helped him to foster a respect for preserving a healthy natural environment; it has a direct impact on your health. Stewart Chiropractic Center has been providing patients in Pittsburgh nutritional counseling services for over 25 years.

Industrial farming has added toxins to the food we consume. Consider too, recent research suggests that our diets alone may not be adequate enough to supply the nutrients necessary for overall good health.

According to a study by the United States Department of Agriculture a significant percentage of theĀ  U. S. population receives well under 70% of the daily needed requirements of vitamins A, C, B-complexes and essentials minerals. Since industrialized farming and big business was introduced, farmers have only used three minerals for their crops, Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus. These three minerals will produce a large abundant harvest, but the crops themselves are lacking nutritional value.

You probably heard it said, "You are what you eat".

As a result your body probably contains environmental toxins and lacks some of the most essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to maintain a healthy body as well as supporting graceful aging.

On the go meals, fast foods, fad-diets, and diets packed with refined sugars can negatively affect your health; adding pounds and not enough nutritional value.

Accumulating scientific studies suggest that the intake of certain vitamins and minerals above the minimum daily requirement may prevent heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and other chronic diseases; before you make the decision to add additional supplements to your diet consult your health care professional.

Deciding which vitamins and minerals to take can be overwhelming with many brands and varieties of combinations and ingredients in products to choose from on the market. Supplementation doesn't make up for an unhealthy diet but does provide a dozen or so of the vitamins helpful in maintaining health. Multivitamins do provide an additional safety net; modifying your eating habits by eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is the best way to receive your daily requirements and maintain proper weight.

From antioxidant protection, phytonutrients, intestinal health to trace minerals, enzymes and vitamins, Dr. Stewart will get your body back to a healthy, happy state.

A nutritional evaluation can be one of the most proactive measures you can take in treating health conditions, maintaining good health and preventing disease. Dr. Stewart will explain to you when and how the best time to take certain supplements.

After decades of research and clinical trials, of the daily needed requirements of vitamins and essential nutrients, Dr. Stewart has developed Detoxification Programs that stimulate and cleanse your body of toxins. He then combines that protocol with an individually designed Nutritional Plan that will restore your body's balance, increase protection and leaves you looking better and feeling better with a healthier, functioning body!

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