What is Oligotherapy?

Almost all biological reactions require enzymes (biological catalysts) if they are to occur at rates the body needs for good health and survival.  Many enzymes depend on specific mineral co-factors for proper functioning.  These minerals need to be present only in extreme low concentrations, but they are absolutely vital to Bio-Energetic Regulation and good health.  Oligotherapy is widely recognized throughout the country as a powerful modality for treating a multitude of disease conditions  PHP Oligo Elements are an integral part of an Oligo therapy nutritional support system called Bio- Energetic Regulation Therapy. 

Bio-Energetic Regulation Therapy is an entirely new approach to natural medicine using natural Oligo Elements at the cellular level to supply needed mineral co-factors at precise concentrations to unblock diseased metabolic pathways, thus allowing the body's healing mechanisms to operate.  Bio-Energetic Regualtion Therapy utilizes Oligo Elements in a coordinated program of nutritional, herbal and homeopathic therapies to prepare the patient to respond more readily and successfully to these traditional modalities.

Mr. Gabriel Bertrand, noted French chemist and biologist, coined the term “Oligo Elements” (trace elements) and developed the physical laws of optimum concentrations which Bio-Energetic Regulation Therapy is based upon.  As Bertrand's Laws related to Bio-Energetic Regulation Therapy, large amounts of a particular element are prevented from activating enzymes, and can be blocked from absorption in a dysfunctional cell, while small definitive amounts pass through the cellular membrane where they can displace toxic enzyme inhibitors.