How can Oligo Elements benefit me?

Detoxify & Reactivate Enzymatic Function

A patient derives no benefit from large amounts of nutritional supplements if the cells can't absorb and utilize them.  Precise amounts of Oligo Elements restore cell metabolism by reactivating enzymatic pollutants and disease toxins all contribute to cellular dysfunction.  The resulting illness occurs because enzyme activity within the cell becomes inhibited and the cell can no longer utilize the very nutrients that would allow it to function normally.

Displace Toxic Inhibitors...Reactivate Enzymatic Function

To address this problem, Bio-Energetic Regulation Therapy works first upon the cell's enzymes by introducing precise low level amounts of specific Oligo Elements which serve to detoxify and activate blocked enzyme processes.  In dysfunctional cells, toxic inhibitors such as lead distort the substrate binding sites of cellular enzymes, preventing the normal enzymatic function.  In cells undergoing Bio-Energetic Regulation Therapy, targeted doses of Oligo Elements displace the toxic inhibitors and reactivate healthy enzymatic function.

The required concentrations, which differ with each Oligo Element and malady, are determined from PHP's Bio-Energetic Regulation Therapy Guide, an administrative guidebook available to health care professionals upon request.  (call toll-free at 800-245-1313)

Synergists of Conventional Nutritional Therapy

The activity of Oligo Elements in the body is different from that of nutritional supplements.  This doesn't mean one os better than the other, rather they work cooperatively and synergistically at different levels.  Oligo Elements function as an enzymatic co-factors and work directly on dysfunctioning cellular enzyme systems; supplements work primarily on structural formation and functional processes.

 After Oligo Elements have returned the cell to normal functioning capacity, Bio-Energetic RegulationTherapy implements a comprehensive program of conventional nutritional therapy utilizing essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed to influence the body's healing processes to achieve a renewed state of well-being.