How are Oligo Elements Administered?

Sublingual Delivery

Sublingual delivery in a liquid form transports the condition-specific doses of Oligo Elements through the bloodstream directly to the cell site in their intended concentrations. Sublingual delivery circumvents the problems inherent in effecting absorption through the gastrointestinal tract.

Dosage & Administration

Generally, dosage is 5 sprays taken sublingually, early in the morning. Allow the liquid to remain in the mouth for one minute. Best taken 1 hour before a meal, but up to 15 minutes is acceptable (this is required because some foods can inhibit absorption). Bio_Energetic Regulation Therapy may recommend more than one Oligo Element to be taken per day, in which case intakes should be spaced by 30 minutes and taken other than mealtimes. The duration of treatment depends on the nature of the condition. Functional disorders or chronic conditions require two to three months of treatment, acute conditions may only require days or weeks. The practitioner may opt to continue use on a periodic basis (i.e., twice weekly) following an acute episode to ensure homeostasis. During acute episodes, doses may increase to three or more intakes per day, refer to PHP's Bio-Energetic Regulation Therapy Guide for specifics.