Oligo Elements

What are Oligo Elements?

Oligo Elements are designed as nutritional supplements to be used as an adjunct in aiding the body help itself.  PHP Oligo Elements are not intended as a cure for disease or to encourage the abandonment of conventional therapy, but rather to serve in a nutritional capacity. 

What is Oligotherapy?

Almost all biological reactions require enzymes (biological catalysts) if they are to occur at rates the body needs for good health and survival.  Many enzymes depend on specific mineral co-factors for proper functioning.  These minerals need to be present only in extreme low concentrations, but they are absolutely vital to Bio-Energetic Regulation and good health.  Oligotherapy is widely recognized throughout the country as a powerful modality for treating a multitude of disease conditions  PHP Oligo Elements are an integral part of an Oligo therapy nutritional support system called Bio- E

How can Oligo Elements benefit me?

Detoxify & Reactivate Enzymatic Function

A patient derives no benefit from large amounts of nutritional supplements if the cells can't absorb and utilize them.  Precise amounts of Oligo Elements restore cell metabolism by reactivating enzymatic pollutants and disease toxins all contribute to cellular dysfunction.  The resulting illness occurs because enzyme activity within the cell becomes inhibited and the cell can no longer utilize the very nutrients that would allow it to function normally.

Where can I purchase Oligo Elements?

PHP, America's foremost brand of natural remedies has been serving health care practitioners throughout the USA since 1989 with a unique ability to wed traditional homeopathic wisdom and state-of-the-art technology. PHP's products are formulated and manufactured under strict FDA pharmacopoeia methods. Each product is made from superior ingredients and quality controlled to insure optimum potency, safety and efficacy.

PHP Oligio Elements can be purchased at Stewart Chiropractic Center in Pittsburgh.

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